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February 9, 2022

Void Protocol is building a blockchain privacy solution, native to the Terra ecosystem which is built in Rust using CosmWasm smart contracts. We are striving to be the go-to privacy solution for the Terra ecosystem. To achieve a decentralised and secure privacy solution we are using ZK-Snarks and Merkle Tree validation, due to this some parts of the logic require a high level of mathematics and an understanding of Zero Knowledge principles.

Void is looking to hire someone who has a high level of knowledge in regards to blockchain development, more specifically in Rust/CosmWasm. It is of our understanding that these requirements are highly sought after in this ecosystem and due to that we will ensure the position is paid well. As time is valuable in this space, we are not looking to over hire and will start the contract as 10-20 hours of work per week. We see this as a great opportunity for a developer in the space to pick up some extra work & $Ust, while contributing to a meaningful decentralised app on the Terra network.


  • Review existing codebase, Verifying that the code is a correct and effective solution for the requirements at hand.
  • Provide code review assessments to Void team/developers based on your experience and expertise.
  • Take part in technical planning & discussions.

Job Requirements

  • Extensive software development experience, including experience in Blockchain development
  • Deep understanding of Rust programming language and familiarity with CosmWasm smart contracts
  • Familiarity with peer code review processes. You've reviewed code previously & you know how to review code effectively.
  • Understanding of Zero Knowledge and Merkle Tree logic / or prior experience working with Cryptography.

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