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December 9, 2021

About Alice

Alice is a venture-backed startup, offering a better solution to personal finance powered by crypto. Decentralized Finance holds immense promise as a foundation for a more robust, sound, and transparent economy. The team is building on top of DeFi to deliver an experience leaps ahead of traditional banks or FinTechs.

Alice is backed by leading investors such as Arrington XRP, Do Kwon, Accomplice Blockchain, Mechanism Capital and more.


We are looking for someone who is obsessed with community culture & growth. An ideal candidate already spends countless hours on Terra's various telegram groups, crypto twitter, and discord.

Job Requirements

  • You already spend countless hours on the Terra discord/telegram groups contributing & answering questions
  • You have a demonstrated history of helping new-comers onboard on to Terra
  • You are in-touch with new developments on the Terra ecosystem
  • You understand the mechanisms behind Anchor & Terra stablecoins
  • You are able to explain complex system to an audience with a varying degree of understanding

Ideally you'd have:

  • Experience building out a team of community managers along with systems and processes
  • Understanding of tradfi onramp (you can learn this on the job)
  • Some technical experience

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