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February 9, 2022

We from Minerva are currently building our DAO and are looking for Hub members and Pod team members to apply, ideally before the 22nd of December 2021.

For the Development Pod we are on the lookout for a preferably experienced smart contract developer, or even better a Rust smart contract developer, to join either the Hub team or the Pod team as one of the team leaders.


While Andromeda ( is helping out with the bulk of our initial smart contract development, we are looking for members who can coordinate, understand and fully oversee this smart contract development, with the aid of other members. Post launch, members will be required to create, maintain and tweak smart contracts as per the protocol's needs.


Pre launch, members will be focusing on token related workflows, such as: 

- originating $torch as a CW-20 token for TGE

- codifying vesting schedules

- sale phases


More info can be found here (also compensation):

 Or for the general current DAO positions:


Please do join our Discord as well if you are interested or have any questions:


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