Typescript/JS Backend Dev

Job Description

Posted on: 
December 10, 2021

Company Introduction

Delphi Labs is an incubation, consulting and R&D company working within the Delphi Digital network. We have worked closely with top projects in the space, such as Axie Infinity, Yield Guild, Aave, Compound, Thorchain, Synthetix, Perpetual Protocol and many more, to model, optimize and redesign their cryptoeconomics. We are currently hard at work on various projects in the Terra and Solana blockchain ecosystems.

Who you are

An ideal team member is:

  • Passionate about Terra and the possibility to onboard new people into TeFi
  • Security minded
  • Hungry to learn more about money markets and AMMs
  • In their element when it comes to the creative and sometimes chaotic DAO environment


  • Build APIs to extract data from Terra chain and show it on several dashboards
  • Write an maintain a Typescript library to interact with Terra smart contracts
  • Write a router used to propose the best path execution for trades on Terra DEXs

Job Requirements

  • 2+ years professional web3 experience
  • Expert level JS/Node/Typescript
  • Experience maintaining open-source JS libraries
  • Familiarity with Rust
  • (Optional) at least 6 months of experience building/tinkering with Terra smart contracts
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