UI/Frontend Developer

Job Description

Posted on: 
February 9, 2022

In accordance with the Roadmap, one of the most important efforts for the Galactic DAO is work on the V2 DAO structure, with on-chain voting, ways to measure & reward user engagement, and further functionality. Such Framework does not exist on Terra and Galactic Punks want to spearhead its development. In order to build this, we need to hire new talent - hopefully YOU!


Outline of Work:

  • Working with the team to identify a suitable design language (creating UI/UX mockups & styling guidelines as needed)
  • Deciding whether our current styling solution should be modified to fit this design language, or whether we should pull in a new UI framework such as TailwindCSS
  • Implementing this to style the existing https://galacticpunks.io/ site

Job Requirements

  • Some design knowledge
  • Next.js + React + Typescript stack
  • Styling with tailwind / material UI / anything goes (knowledge of CSS / SCSS)
  • Some knowledge of web3, smart contracts (not required)

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